The Greater London Pest Liaison Group

The Greater London Pest Liaison Group (GLPLG) is an informal, voluntary group of local government organisations within the London Boroughs which are involved in the provision of pest control activities for the protection of public health, animal welfare and the environment.

This forum provides the opportunity for attendees to GLPLG events to benefit from technical updates and education on a wide range of matters relating to effective pest control and to help ensure best practice is continually being updated and applied.

The organising committee for the GLPLG currently consists of

Jane Gardner-Hayer
Team Leader Pest Control Service
London Borough Tower Hamlets

Adrian Meyer
Independent Consultant

Clive Boase
Independent Consultant

Darren McKellar
London Borough of Lewisham

Paul Cooper
London Borough of Newham

Sabra Everett
Killgerm Chemicals

Richard Nowell
Killgerm Chemicals

Organisation of GLPLG Events

GLPLG events are funded through subscriptions from members of the participating local government organisations.

All subscription funds are only used towards the provision of the GLPLG events, including venue costs and costs associated with the attendance of any expert speakers.

The GLPLG organising committee may from time to time propose the funds be used for other pest related activities. These extra activities will need the full approval of the GLPLG as a whole.

The GLPLG organising committee has requested that Killgerm Chemicals administers on the behalf of the GLPLG the collection and expenditure of subscription funds from members.

Killgerm Chemicals has accepted this responsibility and will provide full visibility to the GLPLG organising committee of all sums collected and all sums paid.

For avoidance of doubt, Killgerm Chemicals will not charge a fee for the administration of funds relating to GLPLG events.